About the company

Alisaa Sports prides itself in being the first fitness company to bring disposable sauna suits to the UK. Founded in 2015, with a belief in a tried and tested product which boosts heat stress and maximises your every workout, we exist to create and provide products which enhance your overall fitness and aid you in becoming the best you.

With our one time use sauna suits, you will:

    • Double your sweat rate
    • Boost your calorie burn
    • Reduce water retention

Sustainable Innovation

Alisaa Sports is committed to striking the balance between innovation, shareholder interests and the needs of multiple other stakeholders including; our own employees, the people making our products and the environment.

We are an environmentally conscious company which works to preserve the planet by using eco-friendly materials.

Our disposable sauna suits are crafted from an eco-friendly polyethylene plastic which is completely biodegradable, lessening our environmental impact.

Our eco-friendly alternative to traditional sauna suits, allows for convenient use for our consumers whilst ensuring that we maintain a sustainable positive impact on society and the planet.

Taking into account a life cycle approach, we take several factors into account when we evaluate the sustainability of materials, such as; elimination of hazardous substances, animal welfare and land use.

Product safety and consumer-safe products are of utmost importance to Alisaa Sports so we have carefully selected a BPA free material to reduce and eliminate any risk to the consumer.