Benefits of a Sauna Suit


A Disposable Sauna Suit is a fitness accessory designed to produce the same effect as a traditional sauna suit which was typically made of rubber, appropriately referred to as a sweat suit

Sauna suits are designed to trap your body heat in order to dramatically increase sweat production and loss of water weight. As such, sauna suits have become increasingly popular amongst fitness enthusiasts and athletes.

In recent times, the sauna suit has made its way into mainstream commercial use. Despite mixed reactions to the concept, research is unveiling the benefits attributed to the use of heath therapy to boost performance and overall health and well being.

We have provided a review of some of the remarkable benefits you can enjoy when using the suit responsibly.


Muscular Hypertrophy is defined as the “growth and increase of the size of muscle cells”. This, therefore, relates directly to the positive outcome of protein synthesis. In order to achieve a high level of muscular hypertrophy, there needs to be a positive outcome of protein synthesis. While exercise is said to provide hypertrophy, it also leads to the breakdown of proteins which are required by your body. The two vital elements which are required in order to boost protein synthesis are Human Growth Hormone and heat stress proteins.

The Human Growth Hormone which is produced in the pituitary gland holds a number of key benefits including the increase of lean muscle mass. Research has shown that exposure to heat therapy, like that induced by the Alisaa Sports Sauna Suit, helps to boost levels of the Human Growth Hormone within the body. Based on frequency and temperature, heat stress can increase HGH levels by up to 16 times your normal levels [Benefits & risks of sauna bathing. 2001. Para1].

Furthermore, there is a dramatic increase in the presence of heat stress proteins in the blood when the body is exposed to high temperatures over a period of time. The increase in whole body temperature can be achieved by using an Alisaa Sports Sauna Suit, leading to an elimination of harmful waste products, the rejuvenation of damaged cells and an increase in heat stress hormones which protect the proteins required by your body for synthesis and hypertrophy[ Heat stress and cardiovascular, hormonal and heat shock proteins in humans. 2012. Para 12].


Heat stress has been shown to drastically increase the blood flow to your muscles which is vital in boosting levels of nutrients carried to your muscles.

During exercise, your body rapidly consumes ingested nutrients, then turns stored glycogen into glucose as a source of energy. Using an Alisaa Sports Sauna Suit can assist in boosting your body’s ability to efficiently use nutrients. As a result of heat stress, the increased blood flow to muscles will ensure that you reap the benefits of much needed glucose, fatty acids and oxygen. As your body begins to adapt to the improved utilisation of nutrients via your muscles, your body will begin to reduce its dependence on stored glycogen, allowing you to train harder for extended periods of time [Muscle metabolism during exercise in the heat and in unacclimatised and acclimatised humans. 1985. Para1].


Heat therapy has been found to train your brain, with induced whole body high temperatures said to release high levels of two vital compounds; norepinephrine and prolactin, related directly to improving your focus and attention span.

Prolactin is responsible for supporting Myelin growth which is essentially the insulation on an axon (nerve cell) in the body. A strong Myelin sheath ensures the proper functioning of the nervous system, ensuring that any nerve damage is efficiently repaired thus improving your cognitive processes [“Are Saunas the Next Big Performance-Enhancing ‘Drug’?” N.D. Para. 16].


Heat stress proteins play a vital role in the rejuvenation, protection and maintenance of cells which has been shown to boost immunity in the body. Through heat therapy, the increased production of heat stress proteins, are said to enhance the immune system by responding to weak or damaged cells.

Although various stressors can trigger upregulation of [stress proteins], thermal stress appears to be one of the most effective stressors to increase the intracellular and extra-cellular concentrations” [“Heat Stress and Cardiovascular, Hormonal, and Heat Shock Proteins in Humans” 2012. Para. 12.]. Through heat therapy and thermal stress, as induced by the Alisaa Sports Sauna Suit, the boost in heat stress hormones in your body can trigger an increase in cell-rejuvenating proteins and overall improved immunity.

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